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We are a couple at the age of 36 years Lynne, my wife is a bit snobbish to look down your nose tends to people and pretend to be a great challenge. She has had a great figure. She is small, but with decent breasts and a nice tight ass. One night he had gone to dinner with some friends and had taken tub99 the wine greatly. A lot of wine makes it very adventurous and hot, so I knew I was in a good time when we got home. A as led us to form an idea in my head. I had done a bit of dogging in the past and knew all the local sites from which we get in the way home. I looked at her and then told me I needed to pee and stopped at the Doggers parking under trees. I went out and eased back to the car to put my arm around her. Wonderful - will respond. I could see the movement in the bushes and knew they were being watched. I got out of her tub99 blouse and unclipped her bra teasong nippples build with my fingers and my tonguemy other hand between her legs, tub99 sliding her thong worked. I could see they were closer to our observers, wondering how I would react, because it improves the nerve. The night was calm and warm, and even locked the car doors were open to prevent the tub99 roof had to be something reliable for all fogging. When I played with her and her eyes were closed and did not want to see the type approach our car was behind it. I looked and saw that he was in his 20 years of age, slim and not bad. As tub99 I watched, he undid his jeans and took half erect cock quite reasonable in size. As he stroked his cock grew to a relatively long, thick features. Lynne then just turned sideways and saw it. I jumped up and speaking in a whisper that the boy was well and simply observed. tub99 She said she was not happy with her, but her pussy was telling a different story. She was very wet indeed. I convinced her to show him increasingly, and gradually more and more excited and relaxed. I asked if he would feel his cock and she nodded wordlessly. I looked around, then press the switch on the window below. The man tub99 looked at her and put his hand on the door of the car, grabbed her left breast cup. Lynne responds by providing a shud as her nipples were hard. Then he grabbed her hand and led her to the tail. Her thin fingers closed around its circumference, and began to move back and forth as they explore their entire length. He reached into the car tub99 and saw his little fingers explore her pussy Clitty expanded their search tub99 and then rubbed his fingers in and out of her shaved pussy. I could see that become more and more to buy the treatment, she was always on. 'I whispered to her, and she opened the car door wide. Immediately, his head between her thighs and licks her pussy and slid her legs wide apart Clitty hands. Looking up, I saw that she took his cock in his mouth and his head was back and forth as she sucked. They did this for a while, until I saw his body rigid, her grunting when he walked into a wave. When she calmed down, turned away and pulled the legs out of the car and stood between them was left with long hard cock. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a condom during Lynne called him to give her. Lowered position, and leaned over to see him work the thick head and then moves home on a long and difficult effort. Lynne arrived almost immediately and had the pleasure of his hard demands known. I could hear the tub99 wet sounds errors when addressing her. Then he went and turned, as if bent on cars, as he took her from behind. Her legs were apart and I could see the thick base of the tail, as it stretched her pussy wide. I reached down and felt it as it moved in and out. Not seem to care that I was the basis of its straight trunk with their juices, and once againrenewed pleasure of it. I had moved further away and I suddenly found myself mouth around my cock. The excitement was unbelievable to me. Here my wife was glued to suck cock while a stranger grabbed her from behind. Her breasts were bouncing in my hands when I heard him start to growl as he shot his load inside. He dropped the tail, pulled it and turned to him and looked at his cock. I left the tissue, and everything clean. He told us that he often visited the place and knew many people and is fulfilled in us, it was scary and very nice. Finally, he gave us his phone number and left. Lynne turned to me and started sucking me back to a hard rage before leaving the car and said, 'Do you know anything about what he wants simply' did not need a second invitation goes around the car as he leaned him. I pushed into her pussy still wet their enthusiasm and well covered by the huge cock that he had taken a little longer. was sor upset tub99 it was over too soon and my cum jet on it. Remove and clean the second time before the trip home slowly. we have there, been there and had some fun with him and with others.
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